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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Efficacy of a Field-based Undergraduate Teacher Training Model

Craig Smith, W. Bee Crews.

Of great concern to school systems world-wide is the retention rate for new teachers in schools. New teachers are often overwhelmed by demands of the real world after unrealistic teacher training that does not prepare them for what is encountered in schools. A model is presented in which undergraduate teacher trainees are placed in schools under university supervision for two years coincident with their university training classes. Data indicate that retention rate upon graduation is 92% higher than for students matriculating in more traditional teacher training models. Results suggest that the field-based model results in more effective training and, therefore, large increases in retention rates for new teachers in the field. Suggestions for implementation are presented.


Craig Smith  (United States)
Chair and Professor
John H. Lounsbury School of Education
Georgia College & State University

Dr. Craig Smith is Chair of the Department of Special Education and Educational Leadership and Professor of Special Education at Georgia College & State University. Dr. W. Bee Crews is Professor of Special Education and Graduate Programs Coordinator for the same institution. Both are gradautes of the University of Florida and have published on issues relating to public schools and special eduction in the United States.

W. Bee Crews

  • Teachers

(30 min Conference Paper, English)