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The Learning Conference 2003

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Family Needs and Parental Expectations for Children with Different Levels of Learning Difficulties

Ming-Gon John Lian.

Hong Kong school systems recently went through a series of curriculum reform. A general question came up whether the governments consultation and promoting documents for supporting the reform cover, and would benefit, the population with special educational needs. Should the programme for children with various levels of learning difficulties take the reform as an opportunity to upgrade what's appropriate for these children to learn? Another contemporary trend in Hong Kong is the increasing inclusion of children with disabilities in mainstream schools. What should these children learn and achieve for their current and future life in the community? This presentation session will address the questions from parents' point of view, including family needs and parental expectations for their children with different levels of learning difficulties. Results of quantitative and qualitative data analysis will be shared and participants will be invited to join discussion for further planning and international collaboration.


Ming-Gon John Lian
Division Head
Faculty of Education
University of Hong Kong

Ming-Gon John Lian received his B.Ed. degree from Taiwan Normal University and M.Ed./doctoral degrees from Texas Tech University. His teaching experiences include primary, second, and special schools, Illinois State University and University of Hong Kong. Currently, he is the Division Head of Educational Psychology, Special Education and Guidance at HKU

  • Curriculum

(30 min Conference Paper, English)