Keynote Speakers  




Dr Eleni Karantzola
Center for the Greek Language
Athens, Greece

TOPIC:   Educating the Educators through New Technologies: Mode, Medium and Meaning

In Greece, the use of new technologies in formal education was recently introduced as one of the main priorities in government policy for education. This change is considered a vital component in the efforts to modernize the Greek educational system. Often, however, this has involved putting in second place pedagogical principles and the curriculum contents. New technologies are thereby elevated to such importance that the myth is crated that these are the only condition necessary for educational transformation and development. For instance, during the recent elections in Greece considerable weight was attached to the introduction of new technologies by the conservative and socialist manifestos alike. However, what the politicians do not anticipate is that the new technologies threaten the traditional power/authority relationships in the classroom. Nor do they adequately account for the reality that educators, without having any basic training, are unable to adopt new pedagogies that are made necessary by the new technologies. In this presentation, the first findings from a pilot project of creating an internet website for the further education of the language secondary education level teachers, are presented. The creation of this website was assigned by the Ministry of Education to the Center for the Greek Language.

3.30-5.00pm FRIDAY 7th JULY 2000


  • Dr. Eleni Karantzola, Center for the Greek Language, Athens, Greece, Educating the Educators through New Technologies: Mode, Medium and Meaning