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Catch the Wind: Learning in Globalised Contexts


Veronica Volkoff and Jane Perry

RMIT Centre for Post-compulsory Education and Training, Melbourne, Australia

In many developing countries, the winds of globalisation and technological change have created urgent demands for new forms of skill development to meet economic and social needs. The presenters of this workshop have been involved in AusAID vocational education and training development projects in South Africa, China and India. Their work has included:
· development and teaching of courses, including by distance
· institutional and systemic capacity building
· establishment of mentor programs
· research and
· design of a five year program of VET reform in China.
Through facing the challenges of work in these cross-cultural and multi-lingual contexts, they have identified needs for the development of specific skills and capacities for international project teams to enable effective assistance for sustainable development. Within a context of changing dimensions of vocational education and training, the importance of integrating research and learning with doing has been highlighted. This workshop will address the four themes of the conference through exploration of a model that proposes principles, skills and integrating capacities for international education teams.
  Presentation Format: 90 min. workshop

RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

5-9 July 2000