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Lifelong Learning and Agelessness - Freedom from Age Rage or Resignation?


Paul Throssell

University of Tasmania, Australia

Recent biomedical and health care developments have contributed to longer life spans. This increased longevity has an increasingly important relationship to the role of learning during the whole of our lives. Lifelong learning both in informal and formal settings has received attention in recent times and can be viewed as critical to improving quality of life and as an important element in positive ageing. However cultural perceptions relating to age would appear to continue to limit involvement in learning throughout life. Some people would, nevertheless, appear to conduct their lives in ways which are not stereotypical- these people, of any age, may be regarded as attaining agelessness. This paper reports on the initial stages of a PhD study which looks at the links between lifelong learning and agelessness and is likely to have considerable implications for learning communities within the learning society.
  Presentation Format: 45 min. paper

RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

5-9 July 2000