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Aboriginal Voices - Activities and Resources for English


Rod Sutherland

Aboriginal Education Unit, Enfield, South Australia

The workshop explores the use of the recently launched South Australian education department's book "Aboriginal Voices". Through a focus on "Aboriginal voices", students can achieve outcomes in English in all text categories and strands as well as achieving outcomes in society and environment and arts. Participants will explore aspects of this teaching resource aimed at all year levels of schooling. The workshop introduces practitioners to the book which enables teachers and students to select the most highly recommended texts, be they print, film or song, and utilise them in a variety of ways in their classrooms. The units of work from classroom teachers, together with suggested resources and contextual information from Aboriginal Education personnel, provide many relevant examples for teachers R - 12 to draw upon and implement in their own English programs with students. "Aboriginal voices" will enable learning to be inclusive for Aboriginal students and assist in improved literacy outcomes for them. After a brief familiarisation exercise, participants will work with sections of the book to draw into their own context. A viewing of 2 short videos will be used to stimulate discussion. A critical approach to using texts will be encouraged.
  Presentation Format: 90 min. workshop

RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

5-9 July 2000

Equipment: Overhead Projector, TV/VCR