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Lowest Stream Pupils "What do they Feel about their Learning, School and Teachers?"


Assoc. Prof. Sharifah Md. Nor and Noraizah Shaharuddin

Faculty of Educational Studies, University Putra Malaysia, Selangor, West Malaysia.

In most Malaysian secondary schools, students are grouped into various streams based on their examination results. Students who are weak academically are streamed into the lowest stream. Grouping students based on their academic achievement have implications on their learning, especially for the lowest stream pupils. Their beliefs and perceptions about their own capabilities, teachers' expectations of them and what school can offer them have bearings on their willingness to be engaged in the learning process. A study was done to investigate the perceptions and beliefs of these students of their learning, their school and their teachers compared to that of the highest stream pupils. Approximately 360 Form 2 and Form 4 pupils from the lowest and the highest steams were studied using questionaries, observations as well as interviews. The findings showed that weak students have definite thoughts and strong beliefs about their learning, school and teachers. The findings have implications on the streaming practiced in schools and its effects on the learning of students placed in the lowest streams.
  Presentation Format: 45 min. paper

RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

5-9 July 2000