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Learning to Learn with MI

Catherine McKay and Andrew Power

Strathcona School, Canterbury, Victoria, Australia

The learner and learning provide the focus for Strathcona's middle school program, Project Nautilus. The school has been using Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences as a basis for the program for six years. This project had an unusual beginning. Six years ago a group of teachers began to study the way multimedia authoring could be used to improve learning. The learning patterns, which evolved, were surprising. Students planned, negotiated, discussed, reflected without prompting from their teachers. Some, who had been underachievers in a traditional setting, produced outstanding results. Their teachers began to ask what was occurring in the learning process. Initially they reviewed research about the impact of computers in the classroom but the data was inconclusive and machine centred rather than child or learning focused. Their interest led them to Gardner's MI theory and resulted in an expansion of the early multimedia work. Today, students are introduced to the intelligences when they enter the school. They work in teams, use computers as well as traditional media, develop portfolios, use mindmapping and are introduced to recent brain research. The result, which will be outlined in the paper, is a learning centred school.
  Presentation Format: 45 min. paper

RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

5-9 July 2000