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    Writing Stories: Paper, Pencil and the Computer in the 21st Century


Dr. Charles Hyser

Director of Elementary Education, Augustana College, Illinois, USA.


Elementary education students are required to write, illustrate and "publish" an original book for children. This project is used to acquaint them with the process approach to writing, help them view themselves as writers, and supply them with a product that they can use as a model for their future students.

The addition of an electronic version of the books has opened new avenues of creativity and expression. Both the traditional print and electronic versions have been well received by both teachers and youngsters at clinical sites. Indeed, most teachers report that these works almost always result in a flurry of writing within the classroom. In addition, several of our students have used these skills by creating electronic projects during practicum and student teaching experiences.

As we move into the technological age of the next century, educators must find ways to help students use the tools of technology to enhance communication and learning. Our concept of teaching the skills of literacy must both embrace and move beyond the confines of paper and pencil. It is our contention that this project is a positive step in that direction.

  Presentation Format: 45 min. paper

RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

5-9 July 2000

Equipment: Overhead Projector