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Partners - A Connection through Body and Voice


Nicholas Hodge and Isabel Jones

School of Education, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Partners is a creative and structured approach designed to help people with autism to develop a sense of self and to build relationships with others. It has been formulated collaboratively between Nick Hodge, Senior Lecturer in autism at Sheffield Hallam University and Isabel Jones, based on her extensive work as dancer, musician, educator and director. It involves the facilitator and the person with autism together in a process of discovery, using the tools of body and voice. The approach is a practical one, which can be adapted to any setting. It is about helping facilitators to develop the skills to observe with accuracy what motivates and interests the person with autism and to use this information to encourage interaction. The focus is on individuals exploring together to enjoy positive shared experience. Each learns from the other. Partners works on three essential building blocks of learning. Without the ability to be secure in your body, to communicate your sense of your self or make relationships with others it is very difficult to remain open to learning. Partners helps individuals to understand each other more effectively. Nick and Isabel believe in the value of partnerships. Together, they are committed to exploring and recording movement and its relationship with autism. The Partners concept will be presented through a video presentation, illustrating Isabel working with Paul who has autism.
  Presentation Format: 90 min. workshop

RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

5-9 July 2000