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Matching Texts to Students: Reading success for all Year 3-6 students


Gail Finlay

Byron Bay Primary School, NSW, Australia


Developed at Byron Bay Primary School, Managing Texts to Students (MTS) is a literacy support system which puts Year 3-6 reading texts into levels, so all students have access to successful independent reading; it includes levels specifically for students with reading difficulties. Aligned to reading outcomes of CSFII (Victoria) and English K-6 Syllabus (NSW), MTS:

  • organises your school's Year 3-6 reading texts into 8 levels of difficulty, from beginner to independently able
  • assesses students' reading ability using reading records
  • places each student on a reading level for independent reading
  • pinpoints skills and strategies to develop during guided reading
  • tracks class progress
  • has been trialed and refined in Australian schools
  • is designed for whole class use
  • lists and levels thousands of texts of interest to 8-13 year olds.
  Presentation Format: 90 min. workshop

RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

5-9 July 2000

Equipment: Overhead Projector