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Deanne Bullen

Curriculum Project Officer, Department of Education, Training and Employment, South Australia

In2Literacy is the Internet domain name for the National School English Literacy Survey (NSELS) Professional Development via the Internet project. In2Literacy uses the materials and methodology from the 1996 NSELS coupled together with best practice in delivery of professional development along with the use of leading edge technological capability. The main findings from NSELS has informed the development of this unique resource for teachers online. In2Literacy is intended to provide follow up to the NSELS by making the assessment models from the survey widely available to the teaching profession via the Internet. Teachers from Year 3 and Year 5 in all government and non-government schools in Australia will be the audience for this project.
  Presentation Format: 90 min. workshop

RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

5-9 July 2000