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Professor Gunther Kress

Professor of Education
Institute of Education
University of London
London, UK


Brief Biography

In the past Dr. Kress has served as Dean of Communication and Cultural Studies (South Australian College of Advanced Education), Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and social Studies (New South Wales Institute of Technology, Sydney), and Assistant Vice-Chancellor (University of Technology, Sydney). Currently he is Head of Culture, Communications & Societies, London Institute of Education, University of London. Dr. Kress is the author of over twenty-one books and numerous articles. His books have been translated to both Spanish and Italian. Among his best known works are Social Semiotics, Polity Press/Cornell University Press, 1988 (with Robert Hodge), Reading Images: A Grammar of Visual Design, Routledge, 1996 (with Theo van Leeuwen), and most recently Before Writing: Rethinking Paths into Literacy, Routledge, 1996. Professor Kress has concentrated his efforts on the question of postmodern literacy. He is especially concerned with the way children make meaning in the media environment of today.

Current Interests

The English curriculum; pedagogy; subjectivity; social semiotics; visual semiotics, semiotics of materiality/multimodality; representation and communication, ie "Literacy"; Media and Cultural Studies



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