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   9th Learning Conference, Beijing 2002

Learning Conference 2002
Host University: BNU
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DOWNLOAD DRAFT PROGRAM  -  10 July draft  -
  This is to be the final version of the program. A print copy will be available in the booklet at the conference.
Garden Sessions have been scheduled in the parallel session time slots. These will be informal garden chats conducted by plenary speakers and held in the gardens of the Friendship Hotel - the location will be sign-posted at the conference.
Chinese language presentations are scheduled in all Room 1 sessions
An evening visit to the International Art School of Beijing has been organised by our hosts, Beijing Normal University. This is scheduled for Wednesday, 17 July, departing 7.30pm from the conference venue. There will be a tour of the school campus followed by a spectacular traditional Chinese Dance, Drama & Acrobatics performance. Many of the students are from regional China and have delayed their return to their home towns as they are very excited at the opportunity to display their art to an international audience. We encourage as many delegates as possible to attend - accompanying family members are welcome and there is no charge for this visit, so please do attend. Transport to the International Art School will depart from the front of the Friendship Palace at 7.30 pm , Wednesday, 17 July, and return you to your hotel at the end of the performance.
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RTF PROGRAM  MS Word RTF document 268k
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PDF PROGRAM  Acrobat PDF document  116k
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Presenters are advised that some sessions may be rescheduled due to programming requirements - if your session needs to be shifted it will remain on the same day, in its present group cluster and as close as possible to its current time slot, but the room number might change.

Please check the website for the final program prior to the conference.

A print copy of the program will be available at the conference.

All rooms will be equipped with Overhead Projectors (OHPs)

Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 & some room 11 sessions will be equipped with Data Projectors (ie. LCD panels for PowerPoint presentations). Presenters requesting Data Projectors need to bring their own laptop computers and are advised to bring OHP transparencies as backup in case of connection difficulties.

TV/VCR units will be available in these rooms only upon request. We are advised that the VCRs are PAL format;

Presentations have been allocated according to prior requests and any new requests for data projectors will be subject to a vacancy in these rooms.

Papers should be approximately 2,000-5,000 words in length.

We request that you use the Microsoft Word authoring template which can be downloaded here.
(Please note that the macros in this document serve the function of making the document a re-usable template. Once you enter your information, you save it as a regular document ( .doc or preferably .rtf, Rich Text Format) and the original (.dot) template remains available for re-use.)

You may use any referencing style you choose, as long as you use it consistently and to the appropriate standards. Papers may be emailed at any time (before or after the conference) as an attachment to <>

The deadline for submission is 20 August 2002.

People submitting papers are requested to referee up to three other papers.


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