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Kathryn Gilbey
Lecturer, Community Education and Training Division
Batchelor Institute Indigenous Tertiary Education.
Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Mpa Anwantherr - Lets Go, a Visual Literacies Project from Utopia


An exploration of the two way learning model, a bi-cultural approach to pedagogy; and an account of my personal journey as an urban aboriginal women returning to my grandmothers land and being [re]educated in the traditional Alyawarr culture whilst teaching English language and literacy.

The setting is "Utopia", a remote Aboriginal community 280km NE of Alice Springs in Central Australia. The presentation will show the use of traditional hunting methods as the context for exploring literacy, through a visual literacy video project.

An outline will be given of current government initiatives in Indigenous Australian education and an examination of the curriculum document used by The Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education (Northern Territory). I will demonstrate the efforts to reconstruct the framework in which English language and literacy is being taught.


Kathryn Gilbey a descendant of the Alyawarr is currently a Lecturer for BIITE. She previously worked in theatre as a freelance Actor and Director. She was the Founding Artistic Director of the first Aboriginal Theatre company in South Australia and is partway through a Masters Degree looking at Art practices and their role in education.


Presentation Format:
30 min. Paper

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