Bayview Beach Resort, Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang, Malaysia

27-30 September 1999

and people...

Conference Themes

Theme 1: LANGUAGES OF LEARNING: Communication and Language Teaching for the Future

  • Language, communication and the promise of educational opportunity: what are the 'basics'?
  • Teaching English as a world language
  • Multilingual teaching and learning
  • Learning in culturally and linguistically diverse environments: What is appropriate teaching?
  • Working with differences within languages: subcultural, professional, workplace, technical
  • Visual communication: its increasing importance

Theme 2: WORLDS OF LEARNING: Globalisation and Multicultural Education 

  • Globalisation: What everyone needs to learn, and dealing with the anxieties
  • Internationalising the curriculum in schools, higher education, vocational training and workplaces
  • The ethics and competencies of globalisation: skills and attitudes for cross-cultural interaction
  • National, indigenous, multicultural, global identities: the role of education
  • Gender differences and cultural differences: challenges for teaching and learning

Theme 3: TECHNOLOGIES OF LEARNING: Learning through and about the new information technologies 

  • Internet literacy, multimedia communication, screen-based interfaces: what every learner needs to know
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Self-paced learning
  • Interactive computer-based learning
  • Rural, remote and distance learning: using the new technologies of learning
  • Repackaging learning: educational consumerism and service packaging from Disneyworld to global 'infotainment' and 'edutainment'

Theme 4: WAYS OF LEARNING: The Revolution in Teaching and Learning 

  • Where do people learn? Who teaches? Broadening domains of education, from early childhood, to workplaces, communities and lifelong learning
  • Sports, arts and media as places of learning
  • Market forces in education: changing our teaching and learning relationships
  • The future for teachers and teachers' work: status, career paths, futures
  • Learning to teach: new directions in teacher training
  • Special education: catering for different learning styles, paces of learning
  • The expanding curriculum: how much can schools teach? What are the new 'basics'?
  • Testing times: measuring performance and developing indicators of attainment

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