New Practices in Familiar Settings

Ken Lountain, Curriculum Officer, Literacy Focus Schools, Curriculum Services Group, Department of Education and Children's Services, South Australia


This workshop will provide a forum for discussing some of the new literacy practices related to technology. Several key concepts of technological literacy; browsing, navigating, hypertext, flexible pathways and others will be considered in relation to:

the discourses to which they belong

their influence on a range of literacy practices

their relationship to print and technology texts

the literacy demands they place on students

The workshop is based on the premise that the new technology texts of email, CD ROM and Web Sites on the Internet have forgrounded a range of text practices which mirror the technology itself, ie. dynamic, flexible and multi-faceted. These practices are the products of a particular technology discourse but may also have an influence on literacy teaching methodologies and on the ways both teachers and students engage with the full range of technology and print texts.

This discussion is also intended to explore the ways in which these new literacy practices can do inform the use and production of more traditional text types.


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