Vocational Education and Training and Ethnic Small Business

Associate Professor Jock Collins, School of Economics and Finance, University of Technology, Sydney,
Dr Chengalian Sim and Basundhara Dhungel, Multicultural Education Unit, NSW TAFE.


The First and second generation no-English Speaking Background (NESB) population account for half of all small business owners in Australia, yet they have low participation in vocational education and training. The research found that while the Australian small business sector accounted for nearly half of all employment and plays a small but increasing role in international trade only 18 per cent of small business invest in training.

The small business survey clearly indicates that ethnic small business in Australia has a positive attitude about the importance of - and need for training in vocational education. However, small business in general and ethnic small business in particular, invest little on vocational education and training.

The research was carried out in 1996. The funding was provided by the Australian National Training Authority Research Advisory Council (ANTARAC).


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